Sunday wrap up – slippers, 18% beer, Alex-Sim Wise, Cecil the dwarf and special brew chasers

August 2, 2009 at 21:55 (News commentary) (, , , , , , )

You cant beat an English Sunday. Slippers, silk dressing gown, radio four, milky way ready to dip into your special brew chaser … agh, this is the life.

Time for a quick wrap up from the week, not least so I can update on those Scottish lads who managed to make the pain of the Rantzen go away. Dreamt I was the last sperm producing male on earth last night and had to choose between her and a pug nosed dwarf called Cecil. Probably best I leave it there, which ironically is what Cecil said at one point.

Anyway, if Id done my research properly I would have discovered why the 18% beer is called Tokyo – as the lads explain it themselves on their blog via YouTube. Its down to some kind of 1980s arcade game from Japan … didn’t get all the rest as I don’t speak Jock so checked out after a while. Still as I said yesterday, good luck to the lads and will someone please get them on TV …

In other news, a long night on a park bench with three bottles of Tesco value vodka lead to the opening of a Twitter account, which Ive mainly used to perv over the lovely Alex Sim-Wise. Again get her on TV, though I’m probably thinking of a 18+ subscription service this time …

I have also been whoring it round the net, going ape shit on the London Echo over Rantzen again (damn you woman!), congratulating Graham Jones on another great post, taking a pot shot at that one eyed goat fiddler Mullah Omar and making a terrible Carry On joke about parking a bike in between Michelle Marsh’s chesticles.

Anyway Qunicy is just about to start on UK Fossil so I’m off. Love that programme. Total bollocks of course. If you had a loved one caught up in a life threatening situation the last thing you’d want is for the copper to say – “it is going to be fine, I know who we need – sergeant, call for the coroner!”


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