Oldham and booze – the PR backwash continues

August 12, 2009 at 20:21 (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

The ripples of spin from Monday night’s camera festin Oldham continue to slosh across the country.

Everyone is getting in on the act, from Newquay county council who are sniffing round the arse of a quick PR win to the Christans. I mean surely Jesus has more important things to do, like proving he exists for a start?

As part of the pub trade’s fightback, Paul Smith contributes a blog on happy hoursto the Publican, including the sad news that his contribution to Panorama ended up on the cutting room floor. No, I dont fancy him, it was more that the programme could have done with a bit of balance.

However, although Paul makes some interesting points, his defensive tone is a sign of how much the pub trade has been stung by this controversy – basically his line is yes, but no, but yes, we came up with something better sir! Shame he doesn’t stick the knife in on the bigger issues – the fact that trouble will be forced further out of town, supermarkets will suck up the cheap drinkers and that the city is ignoring the real social problems that are producing the violent lunatics who fight their way up York Street.


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